Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra creates a full body, deep-meditative, relaxing, state of being. Nidra means “sleep”. All Yoga Nowe classes taught, and all classes taught by Juliane¬† Nowe, include atleast 10 minutes of yoga nidra at the end of class, while in savasana, and before space is held for silence. In this state of being between awake and asleep, your nervous system is able to rewire and slow down, bringing us back to our natural state of being- the¬†parasympathetic state. In this natural state, we are able to heal internally and externally, the immune system becomes stronger, pain is lowered, cognitive memory strengthens and digestion is improved. The breath-our greatest teacher-is focused on to start the practice. You are then led through a body scan. Soft, relaxing music may be played in the background or the quiet is paired beautifully with this class. Yoga nidra is accessible to everyone and can be done laying down or sitting. A full Yoga Nidra class is about 45 minutes-true bliss!