Yoga Nowe

Yoga Nowe

Yoga Nowe’s components are an Anusara and Iyengar methodology, a Tantra philosophy, Hatha Alignment Yoga sequencing and channeled heart teachings and heart healing energy. all weaved gracefully together into each class.

Tantra means that all beings, the earth, nature, all elements and the universe-are “ONE”. We are all connected through energy and are the same energy source. Yoga Nowe emphasizes a celebration of the heart and looks for the good in all people and all things, as well as, empowering and enlightening each student. Hatha Alignment Yoga includes five alignment principles that are integrated in each class. These principles are intention, muscle engagement, inner rotation, outer rotation and active expansion.

Each class will begin by centering/connecting with breath, bringing our awareness inwards, energetically connecting to each other and to our true nature-the Universe/Love. A heart quality is also brought into our moment of centering. This “heart theme” will be weaved into our class. These lessons, teachings and themes connect to you, daily life and strengthen our connection to Love, while weakening the connection to fear. Classes end with meditation and savasana.

Our classes do not follow a specific yoga sequence, meaning that we do not follow the exact same set of poses in sequence, every single class. The beauty of this is that you can connect with your breath and allow the channeled heart theme of the class to guide you through the poses. For example: safety may be the theme of the class, therefore the poses in class will reflect the feeling of safety (forward folds) and the play and ease of opening the heart and bringing a feeling of that safety inward to open to serenity even more (heart opening poses and back bends). Hip openers may also be included to release storage of avoided emotions that we feel will keep us safer by holding onto them, but we will find true safety and freedom by actually opening and letting go.

I am dedicated to teaching, honouring and serving all levels of experience, ability and ages in my classes. I believe that what we teach is always teaching us, we are continued learners and are always in the practice and process of life. Props are encouraged and used! My intention is to hold space for whatever arises and to create a community to connect to our “selves” and to each other.

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