Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nowe

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nowe classes are designed to provide a safe, peaceful, accepting, loving and practicing/teaching yoga environment for everyone. We do not use any sanskrit words, variations of poses are given and there is always the option to sit during savasana, instead of laying down. The room will provide a calming, dim but able to see, environment with tension releasing music played in the background. This also helps with focus.

There are no rules in my class

  • You don’t have to talk nor do you have to stay silent the whole time
  • You don’t have to share anything
  • You can leave at anytime (option to return at anytime as well during class or the following class!)
  • Pause in a pose, if need be, at anytime
  • You are welcome to show up as you are-this may mean you want to lay down or sit the whole class and that is perfect too

Using my experience and Yoga Nowe’s offerings, we will close the gap of separation to bring forth wholeness and resilience. We use the breath and the guidance of my voice to bring the body and soul connection back through the remembrance of who we really are. Each class will have a heart theme (refer to Yoga Nowe details on the homepage) and /or the use of affirmations that are silently repeated in our minds and connected to breath cues such as, “I” on the inhale and “am” on the exhale. Each class ends with savasana ( final relaxation) and guided visualization/meditation and Yoga Nidra.

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