Prenatal and Mom and Baby



Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga use all Yoga Nowe’s unique components (refer to Yoga Nowe Details on the home page!)

Prenatal Yoga is one of the best ways to prepare for labour and to support the changes, expansion, growth and development in your body during pregnancy. Yoga will help you learn to connect deeply to your breath and relax, which is extremely important on a daily basis but also during labour and into being a new mom! Each class provides a variation of poses and sequences to allow you to tone muscles, stretch tired and aching areas of the body and improve balance and circulation with little impact on your joints. All poses can be taken off the mat to be used anytime during your day- standing can be changed to balancing and hip opening in a tree pose, laying down to rest, you may find a butterfly pose or gentle twist. No previous experience necessary!

Mom and Baby Yoga provides beautiful bonding time with your baby! Class is suitable for newborns-crawling! During class we will focus on developing strength and releasing all tension from the body, especially the neck, shoulders and back! No experience necessary. Mom’s who have attended yoga previously will notice this is also a great way to transition back to their practice. Babies can lay on the top of the mat with a blanket and join us in yoga poses and baby massage. If baby is crawling, toys and books are welcomed! Soothing your baby and nursing are encouraged and supported at anytime during class.

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