Trauma Sensitive


Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes are designed to provide a safe, peaceful, accepting, loving, learning and practicing/teaching yoga environment for everyone. We do not use any sanskrit words, variations of poses are given and there is always the option to sit during savasana, instead of laying down. The room is not completely dark, nor are the lights all on-the room will provide a calming, dim but able to see, environment with calming, tension releasing music played in the background. This also helps with focus. There are no rules in my class- you don’t have to talk, you don’t have to share anything, you can leave at anytime (option to return at anytime as well during class or the following week!) and/or pause in a pose in need be, at anytime. Using the experience and the science of yoga, we will close the gap of separation to bring forth wholeness and resilience.We will connect breath to movement. Each class will have a theme, such as “ we are all in constant practice on an off our mat, always learning, trying new things, no judgments-we are in constant practice”, and /or using affirmations that are silently repeated in our minds and connected to breath cues such as, “I am”, and may also include guided visualization and/or guided body scan, at the end of class in savasana. This class is designed to allow each person to feel empowered as to who they are and where they are in their yoga place and in their own lives, deepen awareness of their bodies, feel more grounded, release tension and to use their own breath as a tool of healing and mindfulness, as well as feeling present, even if it’s just for a brief moment of time. I look forward to teaching each of you!