Children's & Youth Yoga

Children’s & Youth Yoga

I teach all the children’s and youth’s yoga classes using Yoga Nowe’s unique components (refer to Yoga Nowe Details on the home page!), my yoga teacher training, my Early Childhood Education background and the developmental stages of the students. Each class is different and focuses on the specific age group I am teaching to! This way, the children feel confident in the class and each element of the class meets their needs on all levels-physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Each class provides a balance of play, fun and laughter, combined with attention, awareness and breath. Class starts with a welcome and centering together, as well as a closing together at the end! Class may include music with various tempos to correspond with the groups speed and flow of movement, stories read to the children are then brought to life and embodied through yoga poses, partner poses, different games, visualizations, affirmations, art and props/equipment, mindfulness techniques and meditation. (Youth yoga also includes an extended meditation, Yoga Nidra and full savasana)

I am dedicated to teaching, honouring and serving all children by providing an inclusive class, safe environment and encouraging creativity and reflection. My intention is to have each of my students to leave feeling good about themselves and feeling empowered and confident in their own bodies!

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