For Schools

For Schools

I have always had a passion for educating children. I became a child care provider to my local community in Lunenburg, NS at the age of 13. Once I graduated High School, I continued this passion by going to the NSCC Lunenburg Campus and becoming a Community Disability Support Worker, and from there, graduating with my Early Childhood Education Diploma. While in my last year of College I found Yoga and immediately started to infuse these two passions together!

I designed my first Yoga program for an entire preschool in 2013 (babies, toddlers, preschool and school-age students). I moved to NB in 2014 and focused on bringing my knowledge and my ability to connect with the students and teachers authentically to the schools in Oromocto and Fredericton, NB. I started by reaching out to the schools through phone calls and e-mails and letting my students in my yoga classes throughout the community know what I was doing.

Through word of mouth and outreach I have been able to teach at multiple schools, preschools and colleges in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.This has also opened the doors to me teaching to not just the students but to the teachers during their PD days, wellness days and lunch breaks.

Each class starts with a centering and ends with a closing together. This consists of pranyama (breath work), body awareness, cuing, energetic connection and relaxation. Each class I teach is unique and encompasses the classes’ needs and supports the age-group participating. Classes are 30-60 minutes, depending on class period/program time. Class consists of, but is not limited to: Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Yoga related activities, such as, meditation, vision boards, yoga games, yoga obstacle courses, mindful walks, gardening and age appropriate activities that promote kindness, awareness of feelings, emotional intelligence, expression and connection to themselves, peers and the world around them. Each class uses Yoga Nowe’s unique components (refer to Yoga Nowe Details on the home page!).

The impact my yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs have had on each student, has been, and continues to be substantial. The students provide me feedback by sharing with myself, their families and teachers how much easier it is for them to complete the rest of their day, they feel calmer, they are able to think before reacting,are more attentive in class, organized, and are enjoying a more positive outlook towards themselves and their environments.

Yoga Nowe programs are provided during wellness days/classes, gym, SPARK programs, lunch breaks and special events. My intention is to bring more Yoga Nowe programs to MORE schools and colleges in our area!

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