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For Schools

YogaNowe, specializes in bringing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, nutrition-the complete spectrum of “WHOLEistic wellness and lifestyle”- to children and youth throughout Oromocto and Fredericton, New Brunswick.
I have been planning and implementing my programs in local schools for the past 6 years. I am thrilled to share two YogaNowe program options with you for this 2018/2019 school year.

The first option is a yoga class(es). Each class starts with a centering and ends with a closing together. Class consists of pranyama (breath work), body awareness, cuing, energetic connection and relaxation. Classes are 30-60 minutes-depending on class period/program time and includes Flow, Yin and Yoga Nidra.

My second class offering is a 4-8 class program. This consists of a YogaNowe class combined with yoga-related activities and information to live a balanced WHOLEistic life. 4-8 topics are chosen, and each class we focus on a different topic. I educate on the chosen topic (topics include but are not imited to: nutrition, health, supplements, meditation, mindfulness tools, physical movement, emotional intelligence and more), while providing space for discussion and an integrated actitivity. These can be condensed to class periods 30-60 minutes.

I guide and do each class with the students, so it is easy to follow along for beginners and for students that use English as a second language. Athletic students get the chance to optimize their performance and longevity by adding yoga to their practice and physical movement. Students who may not enjoy “sports” enjoy yoga and mindfulness because it allows them to connect to their breath and synchronize their breath with movements that are attainable. YogaNowe is for everyone! Using my experience, education and intuition, I create each class specifically to the age group and the needs of each participant.

The impact my yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs have had on each student, has been, and continues to be, substantial. The students provide me feedback by sharing with myself, their families and teachers how much easier it is for them to complete the rest of their day. They feel calmer, therefore they are able to think before reacting, are more attentive in class, organized, and are enjoying a more positive outlook towards themselves, others, and their environments. Students who participate in yoga have fewer injuries, are able to gain the tools and experience they need to relieve pain, while also building self-esteem.

I look forward to speaking with you further and being apart of your school’s community. You can contact me by email:, by phone: 506-999-5420 and are welcome to come to one of my classes!

Juliane Nowe

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