Yoga in Schools

Juliane Nowe is also a certified Early Childhood Educator And has been a lead preschool teacher and manager in Halifax NS and is now the after school teacher and Manager is the after school program at Pure Learning Centre in Oromocto NB!

Juliane has been teaching yoga in the school system for the past 8 years and continues to raise awareness of the importance of wellness grants, having yoga,meditation and mindfulness classes adorigrmas available to all students on a regular basis within their semester and how inclusive these programs are!

The feedback is exceptional. Students are less stressed, more easily able to focus, feel less anger and often fall asleep at the end of class- giving them some rest and down time. They are also able to regulate their emotions by responding to situations instead of reacting. The students ask for more yoga and the teachers embrace the change they see and feel in the students.

If you are interested in bringing yoga to your school and/or classroom, email Juliane at

Prices vary on length of class, number of students and location!