Feeling "Better"

Feeling “Better”

Students in my classes frequently tell me how much they love yoga, and more specifically, how it makes them feel. They always feel “better”. No matter what style of yoga they have just taken part in, or whether they laid on their mat the whole time in savanna-They leave feeling “better”. This makes my heart smile because I know exactly what they mean. As a student practicing on my own yoga mat I sometimes feel I “need” this-whether to relax, or to strength or stretch, or to connect back to my inner wisdom. The times I really didn’t want to do anything and still did a meditation or a few yin poses have still been enough-I’ve always felt better. This is why a lifestyle of yoga, love and consciousness is so important because we want to feel GOOD but can’t or don’t want to always be coming to the mat to find that feeling (I will be writing blogs, recipes, free yoga and meditation videos and more so you can feel your best self!). I tell my students to take what they need. This may be a pose they keep coming back to during practice, even when it’s a pose that I haven’t guided at that moment (child’s pose, savasana, etc), or they make take a phrase I’ve said during class away with them and use it as their mantra. One of the most important things they are taking away, is a feeling. They are taking and keeping and containing that feeling of “feeling better”, feeling more themselves, their natural, peaceful, para-synthetic state that we, I believe, will strive to maintain this year even more than ever before. People are tired of being sick and tired. They’re waking up to the truth about food, money, pharmaceuticals, health care, energy and most importantly a more spiritual connection-and in response-remembering who they are and what they are. This is the year of declaring our space on earth and to stop playing small so we can all show up and make a difference-this difference comes from our feeling, connection, being present and standing up for love. This is the year of knowing that health and wellness isn’t a luxury or something we “try”-it’s a necessity, it is what IS. This is the year of the “lifestyle” where we acknowledge our hearts and feelings and match this to our lifestyles to a more nourished, loving, embracing our feelings and choosing love over fear. I feel it. I know it.I’m committing to my lifestyle choices and lifestyle commitments that I know actually work for me and work for others. I will be sharing all of this here!
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