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Yoga as a Lifestyle

My yoga classes are based on remembering our wholeness, our connection to
oneness and our birth right to feeling worthy and to be seen as individuals.


I teach with pure intent and hold space for the group with my sequencing, voice and energy, to allow each
person to “show up” as they are, and to be present and most importantly to connect to their
life force (breath) and to strengthen their connection to their heart’s presence.


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WHAT OUR CLIENTS are saying about us:

Juliane’s practice is all about heart, growing it, making it stronger, making it shine brighter than ever before, sharing it, and most importantly loving your own heart and embracing your heart, body, mind and soul as one. I started doing yoga with Juliane in 2014 at a beginner level, and have grown and continue to grow personally and physically in my practice. Juliane and her practice helped me get out of my depression, taught me how to deal with my anxiety and gave me a new respect for my heart, body, mind and soul with guided meditation at the beginning and end of each session with poses to open the heart in between. My life has been changed forever because of this gracious woman with her contagious smile and never-ending wisdom. I am glad to call her my friend.

Jennifer MacKenzie

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